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Placid Tab 2
A minimal New Tab page for Firefox. **Still in development**
## About
**Now with both dark _and_ light themes!**
Placid Tab 2 is a minimal New Tab page for Firefox.
![Dark theme | main screen](images/dark-main.png)
![Light theme | main screen](images/light-main.png)
![Dark theme | options screen](images/dark-options.png)
This extension replaces Firefox's default New Tab page with a minimal, almost entirely blank page. Each quadrant can be configured to link to any website for quick access. Optionally a color can be applied to each link, affecting by the center icon as indication.
## Usage
* Click the center logo to switch between the main page and options page.
* Changes made on the options page save automatically.
* Optionally, if signed in to Firefox, extension settings sync between desktops.
## Links and Contact Information
* Coming soon!
This extension is still in its early phases. If you would like to report any problems or feedback email me at:
* [](
My personal website:
* [](
## Images
![Light theme | Main screen](images/home-light.png)
![Light theme | Options screen](images/options-light.png)
![Dark theme | Main screen](images/home-dark.png)
![Dark theme | Options screen](images/options-dark.png)
## Thanks
This extension was inspired by [Placid Tab]( for Google Chrome.

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