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Quad - New Tab


Quad is a minimal New Tab page for Firefox and Chrome.

This extension replaces the browser's default New Tab page with a minimal, almost entirely blank page. Each quadrant can be configured to link to any website for quick access. Optionally, a color can be applied to each link affecting the center icon as an indication.

I don't really have much more I can think of to add or change since this extension is pretty specific. I wouldn't consider this extension under active development, but I'm always happy to make changes, additions, or fixes that could make the extension better.


  • Click the center logo to switch between the main page and options page.
  • Changes made on the options page save automatically.
  • Optionally, if signed in to Firefox, extension settings sync between desktops.


Contact me with questions, fixes, or changes:

My personal website:


Light theme | Main screen Light theme | Options screen Dark theme | Main screen Dark theme | Options screen


This extension was inspired by Placid Tab for Google Chrome.